I started migrating all my projects to use GitHub Actions (and deploy them with Octopus Deploy). Now, for reasons I’ll hopefully explain later (if I ever get to document my approach) I’m pusing the results of my builds to GitHub Packages.

I’m building my projects in Ubuntu containers, so in order to push to Nuget, I was using dotnet nuget push. Doing so worked most of the times, but I usually got

error: Error while copying content to a stream.
error:   Unable to read data from the transport connection: Broken pipe.
error:   Broken pipe

That wasn’t awesome, so I ended up doing this…

until dotnet nuget push $BASE_PATH/$PACKAGE.$VERSION.nupkg --source "github" --skip-duplicate; do sleep 3; done

which worked fine most of the time except when uploading a big package.

I read this GitHub issue and it was exactly the same thing I was seeing. But the conversation was distracting. I wanted to know how to fix it. I bit the bullet, expanded the 40+ messages, and eventually found mikkeljohnsen’s answer that provides a great workaround. In my case, I don’t want to make it verbose so this is what I ended up using.

curl -X PUT -u "$GITHUB_ACTOR:${{ secrets.GITHUB_TOKEN }}" -F package=@$BASE_PATH/$PACKAGE.$VERSION.nupkg https://nuget.pkg.github.com/$PACKAGE/

Now pushes work 100% of the time.

PS: It sounds like Stack Overflow should solve the “useful answer buried in a long GitHub issue” as it did with forums 10 years ago.

Gervasio Marchand

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