asterisk articles

I started playing with Docker and I dockerized all the apps that are running on my server. It was all super straightforward except for… Asterisk! here I talk about how I made it happen (it amazes me how you set up Asterisk boxes and just forget about them… they just work)

I installed Asterisk 12 on a Raspberry… but I didn’t document all my steps because I followed another blog’s instructions. Guess what? that blog is now offline :P

I “discovered” (in the same sense that Columbus discovered America) Flowroute as a VoIP trunk provider. This post isn’t particularly insightful… but when I wrote it (in 2013) I was really excited about these things just existing.

I was working with twilio, I started playing with Asterisk and obviously wanted them to interact. I was so proud of what I did that I wanted to share it, so this is why I started this blog… This is the first post of 4 about it. There’re way better ways of doing it today, but these posts were an extremely important part in how my professional life changed for the better. So I love them unapologetically.