python articles

For some reason, I enjoy seeing, clicking and typing nice URLs (being able to say that my blog is at gmc.uy/blog, my twitter is gmc.uy/twitter and my Stack Overflow account is gmc.uy/so makes me happy)… so I’ve always had a way to maintain it, but it was pretty… involved. I wrote a 67 LOC script that lets me define the URLs on github and supports multiple domains.

TL;DR: As part of a system to report the time I’ve worked on an issue from TimeDoctor to JIRA, I’m doing the OAuth2 dance using selenium and PhantomJS (effectively doing what OAuth2 without a password grant tries to avoid… having the application know the user password).

I’m pretty proud of this little project… It’s just a small python app that polls via telnet to a Portech MV-372 and checks if any new text messages arrived. If they did, it posts them to a RESTful API. It also exposes a RESTful API for other applications to send messages. The beauty? it works! despite the awful AT Commands.