twilio articles

When I wrote this I was super excited to be attending Twilio’s conference, and I planned to build a system to show my skills in there. I didn’t finish it in time, and I honestly didn’t have an awesome time at that conference either :P but it felt wrong to just delete this… if nothing else, you can see some of my positive thinking.

I’m pretty proud of this little project… It’s just a small python app that polls via telnet to a Portech MV-372 and checks if any new text messages arrived. If they did, it posts them to a RESTful API. It also exposes a RESTful API for other applications to send messages. The beauty? it works! despite the awful AT Commands.

I was working with twilio, I started playing with Asterisk and obviously wanted them to interact. I was so proud of what I did that I wanted to share it, so this is why I started this blog… This is the first post of 4 about it. There’re way better ways of doing it today, but these posts were an extremely important part in how my professional life changed for the better. So I love them unapologetically.