It’s been a long trip since I started playing with Asterisk… I did a few more things than integrating Asterisk with Twilio.

After doing that, I compared flowroute with Anveo (which works great for outgoing calls, but had issues with an incoming number on Argentina. I ended up using Anveo for most of my outgoing calls and it works just fine.

But, I wanted to be able to forward calls to my mobile phone (or my wife’s) for free… ooor, as close to free as it gets. I then bought a Portech MV-372 (link dead) on Ebay… yeah, that’s probably the opposite to free… but once I got my hands on it, I bought 2 SIM cards… one of them can call me for free, the other can call my wife for free (as long as I put $5 on them every month).

I quickly realized that the NAS (a Synology DS112j) didn’t have enough power to deal with the calls. I read that Asterisk needs a kernel with a clock interrupting at least at 1000 HZ. When I first read that, I didn’t have a clue on what that meant… but then, I found this great post that explained it with an app that lets you figure out yours. The NAS had 96 HZ.

I then moved to a VPS… but that made calls originating on my home line to the Portech travel all the way to the US. That generated a delay that was totally unacceptable. I started to think that maybe there’s a reason for everyone to run Asterisk servers locally… you can’t beat a LAN.

Also, at that point, the friends from Asterisk released Asterisk 12… with a RESTful interface that really got me thinking…

My good friend Juan lent me his Raspberry Pi to try it out. I know there are some images around with Asterisk already installed, but I preferred to go ahead and cherry pick what would be installed. I followed the steps at Mathew Jordan’s blog (now offline) and voilá… I won’t say that the compilation was fast… but it got there :) and here I am, placing calls through the Raspberry.

I still perceive a small delay on the calls (way better than on a VPS though) even when I set ulaw:10 and alaw:10 as codecs… not exactly sure why that happens (I’m just getting started here), but I’ve already ordered an ODROID U3 to discard that it’s due to the Raspberry Pi’s lack of power.

Gervasio Marchand

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