Here are some projects that make me proud :)

Taut - a tool for Slack

Site: - Code: github - On my blog: announcement

This is a browser extension (for Chrome, Firefox and Opera) that lets you personalize your Slack experience. Check its readme for an updated list of features or check out this 4 minutes video where I demo it.

Here you can read my initial post announcing it… it was an… experience :) luckily, it’s broadly available now.


Site: (or its Japanese version) - Code: github

It’s a site that helps the Stack Overflow international communities manage the translation of Stack Overflow. It interacts with the Transifex API, authenticates with Stack Overflow’s OAuth and sends web push notifications. You can see a webcast we did about it with JuanM.


Nuget: RandomForest - Code: github - On my blog: write up

A tiny library to productionize R random forests in C#. You basically build your model entirely on R, verify its properties and write reports with it. This library helps run those models in C#.


Code: github - On my blog: write up

A python project that lets me handle redirects by doing pushes to a repo. It’s extensible so that you can do whatever you want once you detect an update (like… clearing a cache). It may be time to switch this to netlify, since they have basically the same feature.


Site: chrome web store - Code: github - On my blog: write up

A chrome extension that lets you hide slow splits on running activities on Garmin Connect… like if you’re running intervals and want to see what your numbers would be if you didn’t rest.

This extension doesn’t modify your data on Garmin, it only modifies the way you see it.